Agricultural insight from earth observation data,
visualized directly on the field, using AR

The ARmEO (Augmented Reality meets Earth Observation) project, funded by the FFG Austrian Space Applications Programme ASAP 16, has successfully developed a user-friendly and cost-effective combination of satellite-based information and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for smart agriculture.

The project focused on enhancing existing satellite-based products, experimenting with innovative AR visualization technologies, and addressing specific agricultural challenges.

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Innovative Satellite Map Visualization, using AR glasses

We developed a prototype using Microsoft Hololens 2 for visualizing satellite maps directly in the field.

Virtual data and the real environment can be compared right next to each other. This advancement significantly enhances user experience in interacting with agricultural spatial information, making it more intuitive and engaging to work with.

Streamlined Data Access through API

Our team implemented data streaming workflows within an Application Programming Interface (API). This development allows easy and cost-effective access to crucial satellite data and information, streamlining various data-driven processes.

Advanced Crop Benchmarking Tool

Utilizing time series from Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite data, we developed a tool for farmers to benchmark crops. This tool enables farmers to compare crop growth on their plots with neighboring areas, considering similar soil and climate conditions, aiding in informed agricultural decisions.

Yield Potential Mapping with Algorithm

We created a unique algorithm for generating yield potential maps. These maps are integrated with official nitrogen prescription data, promoting more efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer usage. This innovation aids in sustainable farming practices.

Enhancing Agricultural Data Usage

Our investigation focused on the challenges of collecting, sharing, and utilizing agricultural data. We emphasize the importance of secure and beneficial data sharing, aiming to enrich satellite-based products and support the agricultural sector with reliable data insights.

The Future of Smart Agriculture

The ARmEO project has the potential to revolutionize smart agriculture by making satellite-based data more accessible, usable, and effective for farmers and other stakeholders. The project’s outcomes can contribute to more sustainable and efficient farming practices while encouraging data sharing and collaboration within the farming community.

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